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4EMME based its solid roots in 1977

with a name built on wide-ranging experience in the field of metal crafting. We've always sought to bolster our own strong specialization in light structural steelwork by forging solid partnerships with leading company's of international renown who, like 4EMME, reside in Italy's Northeast. This region has always been known for its desire to build, its entrepreneurial spirit and its imaginative flair: ingredients that have combined to make us a proactive company capable of catering to all the market's demands.

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Our range is made up of three basic parts: the first is the SANTIAGO series, our latest addition, a true concentrate of research and experience in the cabling and networking sector.

Then there is the SANTIAGO COMPOSED series, which is marked by the variety of combinations on offer and the intuitive design of the product, which finds application in medium/large data networks. Designed for data rooms, it has a number of features specifically for this type of use.

The SANTIAGO SERVER series was conceived to meet the need for strength and versatility in data centres. The standard colour is black, though it also comes in Grey RAL 7035 on request. Lastly,

4EMME offers an extensive series of wall-mounted versions, from the RIO Bravo – an enclosure that is particularly intuitive and straightforward in its assembly and disassembly – through to the IP65 lines, which come in both sheet steel and AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel versions.

We've named all our cabinets and enclosures after cities in Latin America and North Africa: a creative way of expressing the diversity and variety of a range designed to meet the most common and most complex needs of people in the Networking industry


The year two men, Paolo and Aldo Mattiazzi, founded C.AR.MET. snc, a company specialized in machining light structural steel.

Experience in the sector, combined with the growing metalworking market, meant that Carmet's founders soon got the chance to upgrade their use of machine tools and equipment with increasingly modern gear for the cutting, bending and general machining of the light sheet metal and components required to make the finished products.

According to Mr. Mattiazzi, this is precisely where the company's point of difference lies: in the functional development of the finished product and focus on appearance, CARMET's longstanding hallmark; or, as he puts it, "It's the attention to detail and consistent repeatability of these details that sets our brand apart."

Originally in the refrigeration and air-conditioning business, CARMET had the opportunity to work with global partners both on air-conditioners for residential and commercial use and on air-conditioners and chillers for industrial use. It was in this area that flexibility and an outstanding ability to customize the various work departments greatly boosted not only the company's manufacturing capacity, and hence its versatility, but, above all, the professional growth of the various manufacturing departments.

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