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TUV certification


The search for the "Value" and professional production led 4EMME Srl to continuously improve its products. Research and development in this direction have expanded the offering to an increasingly demanding market .

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Thus began , in May 2013 , the certification of products 4EMME through TUV SUD, a Bavarian group that provides certification services in the field of quality and product.

The series Rack Santiago, Santiago Toledo and IP were tested in certified laboratories. 4EMME technicians are committed to try to optimize the products with the utmost respect of the rules of construction taxes equally maintaining the aesthetics of the " Made in Italy" that 4EMME gives to his creations .

Shock resistance , static and dynamic scope , IP protection , electromagnetic and thermal dissipation capacity have resulted in these tests, thus ensuring the products 4EMME , in January 2014 , the certificate and TUV SUD .


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