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EXU is the latest range of systems, power distribution board rack (PDU) proposed by 4EMME.
The constant technical innovation required by the market fi nds its total answer in this range which is the fruit of technological development and above all the answer to practical safety and effi ciency needs.
The qualities that characterize the company, such as rigorous quality control, constant search for excellence both in design and manufacturing, accurate quality tests and controls, are perfectly mirrored in the new EXU range that introduces into SMART a long series of technological new features.
The line is divided into two: the “Standard Series” combines compactness, installation safety and easy use with “1” rack unit or “0” rack unit in a wide range of models,

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ITALY - Via Risorgimento, 27

Pegolotte di Cona (Ve)

+39 0426.30.83.62



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