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The new line of optical patch panel 4Emme of Cartago was established with the purpose of carrying out completely different installation requirements in this specific field of application.
Depth 250mm, made of sheet steel tray IT offers a particularly wide and comfortable BASE for inventory management of fi ber.
Possibility to use two cards at once came to the door up to 48 fi bers at a height of 1 rack unit.
Each panel is equip- ped with dual system of identifi cation, with consecutive numbering AND white slip TO write.
The characteristic of these shelves is its strength and versatility. The front bushes front door can be removed and replaced by the extraction of three M3 screws.
On either side there are two snap clips to block the structure and the tray can be opened for the extraction of the sliding center tray.
Available in vacuum and pre-loaded with all types of compasses on the market a line of fi ber enclosures Cartago are used in various specifi c areas, from traditional networks of Networking, the world’s FTTH applications up to the new home for digital TV.

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