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LIMA series offers a complete range of wall and floor-based cabinets of a basic design but of a very strong structure.
The cabinet consists of 4 side elements, 15/10 thick, plus an additional socket to 20/10, reinforced in the front side that is applied to the ver- sions from 38 units up, in order to increase the tightness of the enclosure case of heavy loads.
The front door is a special accessory, the esthetic line up the style and the characteristic curved line 4EMME.
The customer can order the cabinet with or without the door adding the letter P at the end of the code. Available in assembled and disassembled versions.
On the request the cabinet can be completely sealed, thus increasing its strength and resi- stance to heavy loads.

Contact Info

ITALY - Via Risorgimento, 27

Pegolotte di Cona (Ve)

+39 0426.30.83.62



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